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Experienced professional team of F&S will be your reliable IP friend worldwide.F&S Intellectual Property Ltd.

Approved to be established as a foreign-related IP agency by Chinese competent authorities in 2005, F&S Intellectual Property Ltd., has dedicated to providing full spectrum services to domestic and foreign clients concerning all aspects of the intellectual property matters, including patent, trademark, copyright, domain name, trade secret and anti-unfair competition protection, with particular expertise in prosecution, litigation and licensing. Over the years, F&S has steadily grown and won trusts of clients at home and overseas with its quality services. F&S’s strength comes from the unusual combination of the quality and expertise of its professional team that consists not only of members who are among the first generation of patent and trademark attorneys certified in the People's Republic of China, practicing Chinese intellectual property laws for almost three decades, but also of talents who, equipped with full-structured knowledge and high proficiency in foreign languages, are well familiar with the intellectual property laws of major countries and regions.

F&S dedicates to providing you with comprehensive IP service.

Under the support by industry leading management system and advanced customized docketing software, F&S is capable of managing the clients’ cases and offering a comprehensive, professional and efficient service in a expectedly and tailored manner.

F&S Intellectual Property Ltd.

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